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Riding Minded®
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Why create the Riding Minded® App

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Horseback Riding

Who can be a Pioneer

Find out if you fit the Riding Minded® Pioneer Profile

What you get

Find out what's in it for you.

What you give

Find out what you'll get committing to.

Additional Information

All the logistics and information

Who can be a Riding Minded® Pioneer

Ready to Ride

Who you are

  • You are a passionate horse rider

  • You ride any level, beginners to advanced, in any discipline

  • You get nervous or stressed at horse shows or performances and it affects your ability and your confidence


Who you want to be

  • You want to be a more confident and composed rider

  • You want to be more successful at horse shows and competitions

  • You want to compete at elite level

Pony Ride

Age Requirements

  • Minimum Age of 15 years old

  • Ages 15-18 with parental permission only


What you will gain being a Riding Minded® Pioneer


This program will provide you with powerful techniques to increase your confidence both in and out of the saddle. These techniques can be used both longer term as well as in the moment of high stress situations.

Increased Confidence

What you commit to as a Riding Minded® Pioneer

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You agree to commit your time to attend training and coaching calls as well as feedback sessions. All training calls will be recorded and can be watched at a later time, however, all other calls can only be attended live.

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We want your feedback. What you love, what you hate, what works, what doesn't. We want to make this program the best it can be so we need you to open and honest about your experience. Feedback will be gathered both electronically and verbally.

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Research shows commitment and dedication to yourself and others goes up significantly when money is on the line. So you will pay for this opportunity, however, it will be significantly less that you would pay for a similar program and experience.


Information, Logistics & FAQs

What is the purpose of the Riding Minded® Pioneer Program?

The purpose of this program is to develop an mobile app to support riders in the development of their mental riding skills. It is intended for riders of different riding levels and experience regardless of riding discipline or location. The program will build the riders understanding of mental riding skills, help them understand their individual and unique mental skills and build good mental habits for riding and performing at higher levels.

Start date(s) for the Program

The program will start on Monday, 17 October 2022. Depending on interest in the Program, additional groups with later start dates may be added.

Program duration

Our intention is for the program to last 8 weeks start to finish. However, because this is a completely new program we reserve the right to extend it by 2 weeks if creators/participants feel it necessary to fully complete the learnings, tools and experience of the program.

Weekly Schedule

This program runs on a weekly schedule that does not vary. Only the content during each week will change. 

Monday - Training session (online) - 1 hour - Purpose: cover new learning material to be explored during the week.

Tuesday-Thursday - Individual coaching sessions (online) - 1 hour - Purpose: provide individual coaching to Pioneers and collect verbal feedback

Friday - Group Call (online) - 90 min - Purpose: answer questions, group discussion, collect additional feedback electronically

Everyday during the Program - Phone app engagement and exercises - approximately 15-20mins total - Purpose: mental skill development and mindful habit building

How will the sessions be delivered?

All sessions will be delivered online via Zoom. Training sessions on Monday will be recorded and available for viewing throughout the program. Individual coaching sessions (Tuesday-Thursday) and the Group session on Friday will not be recorded.

I live on a rural farm and don't great internet access. Can I still participate?

Yes, for all sessions it will be possible to participate on Zoom without video or to call in by phone with a meeting ID and passcode. Local and international dial-in numbers will be available. All slides and visual materials will be shared ahead of time.

Do I need my own horse to participate?

No. This program is not dependant on you having your own horse to participate. It is for everyone, whether you ride once a week in a schooling program or have your own horse and you ride every day. Exercises and tools taught and used during this program can be practiced anywhere and then taken to your ride when you have the opportunity.

What is the purpose of each of the sessions/parts in this program?

Training Session: This is a learning session. Information around psychology and biology of the human brain will be given here as a basis of understanding for learning mental riding skills during the week. Additionally some practical examples will be demonstrated. This session will be recorded.

Individual Coaching Session: These sessions will not be part of the mobile app once it is completed (though will be a potential add-on). They are given here to Program Pioneers as an extra incentive/benefit. These sessions are 1-2-1 coaching sessions with our certified equestrian mental performance coach to support each participants individual mental riding skills development. These sessions will also be used to gather valuable feedback from each participant about their experience during the program.

Group Session: These sessions serve a couple of purposes. One is to build camaraderie and community in the horse world. Another is to provide a open forum to discuss questions, thoughts and experiences with other members of the Program. Third is the opportunity to gather written feedback from the members via polls and questionnaires.

Mobile App: The mobile app will be developed as the program progresses, as this is the purpose of the whole program. The purpose of the app is to be a platform for the learnings provided inthe training sessions as well as the the exercises use to building the mental riding skills and mindful habits. 

What if I can't make or miss one of the sessions?

For the training sessions (Mondays), since the session are recorded, you can watch those recordings at your earliest convenience. Please note, because the training sessions are the basis for the remainder of the week, it is best if you watch the recording as soon as possible.

For the individual coaching sessions, there will be multiple times between Tuesday and Thursday to schedule at a time you are available. However, if something comes up and the session is missed it cannot be rescheduled as flexibility is limited.

For the group sessions (Fridays), there is no possibility to move or reschedule. However, the questions and discussion themes will be captured and available to read afterwards and all electronic feedback polls and questionnaires will be sent to participants to complete.

In the group sessions, who else will be present?

In the training sessions (Mondays) all participants in the program will be in attendance.

In the group sessions (Fridays), only other members of your group will be present. We will make all considered effort to keep groups small (5-6 people maximum) and age appropriate (riders under 18 together, for example)

In the individual coaching sessions, only you and your coach will be in attendance.

How will you protect my or my child's identity and information?

At Athlete EQ we take protection of personal data very seriously. At no time will any information (names, phone numbers, emails etc) be sold or released to other parties. Additionally, inline with EU GDPR requirements, all data shared with us can be requested to be deleted from our databases at any time.
Finally, contact information of the participants will only be shared with other program participants with the approval of the participant or their legal guardian/parent.

Our statement on ethics and building community.

At Athlete EQ, we believe in building community, not breaking it. In line with that belief we have a strict no bullying, no discrimination policy in this program. Any verbal or written statements deemed by us to be in violation of this will result in swift action. 
All participants, as well as our coach, will also be held to a strict confidentiality policy. For the coach, the only exceptions to this confidentiality policy are if the coach deems a participant to be a danger to themself or someone else.


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