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Building mental resilience and improving performance
in just 9 weeks

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This program is for

Does any (or all) of this sound familiar?

You are super passionate about your sport and you want to play to the best of your ability.

You get nervous or stressed before or during competitions, especially if it is an important one. 

You dream of playing your sport at the highest levels of competition such as the Olympics or the World Cup or maybe Wimbledon.

You keep reliving your mistakes or errors from the past OR you don't even want to think about them, even for thought you might learn from them.

You have progressed to the next level such as secondary school to university or maybe you went up an age group and you find the increased competition overwhelming and you are doubting your skills and ability.

You no longer find joy and excitement in your sport. It simply isn't fun anymore due to the expectations of people around you.


What this program does

Strengthen the three core mental muscles

Image by Limor Zellermayer

Train Your Brain

Right now you are not in control of your brain. It is in control of you giving you thoughts and emotions with the intention of helping you but, in fact, doing the exact opposite by stressing you out and affecting your performance on and off the field.
In this program you'll learn to train your brain, to control your thoughts and the emotions you experience. Think of it like strength and conditioning for your brain.


Rival Interceptor

Inside your brain lives a group of inner rivals we call Team Saboteur. Their goal is to keep you safe and unintentionally, they hold you back from performing at your best through negative self-talk, competitive over-drive, and restless anxiety over your performance.

This program helps you recognise those voices and as a result build more confidence in yourself and your ability as an athlete.

Athlete Concentrating

Strengthen the Mascot

Inside your brain is your inner Mascot. Your Mascot knows there is a gift every defeat and an opportunity in every failure, no matter how large the loss feels in the moment.

In this program you'll learn to take advantage of your Mascot superpowers and transform every setback into a chance to become a better athlete, a more confident performer and a happier human being.


How this program works

Rival Assessment

Every program starts with an assessment to determine what rivals you have on your Team Saboteur. Since every athlete is unique, this assessment is a powerful look at how you respond to pressure, stress and performance. This sets the baseline for the work to start.

Weekly Training Webinars

At the start of every week, athletes participate in a training webinar that lays the foundation for the week of practice and fieldwork. Each week covers a different aspect of the three core mental muscles and how they apply to the individual athlete.

Daily Practice

Learning new skills takes daily practice and we have an app for that. Daily challenges, visualisation exercises, a mind gym and progression graphs, the app drives the new learning to become habit, like building muscle memory as an athlete.

Weekly Group Coaching

Each week, athletes join together in small groups to support each other, ask questions, discuss their fieldwork assignments, get feedback, etc.

Individual Coaching

Each participant gets four 1-2-1 coaching sessions to work on their specific dream and goals and what is getting in the way of achieving those goals.

Readings and Fieldwork

Each week there is a focus reading to increase the learning around the three core mental muscles. This includes a  (sport related) fieldwork assignment to complete within the week.

Girl Infielder

Next Program Starts

Mon, 10 January, 2022

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This program changed my life! I always got nervous before I went in the ring which only made me tense and then made my horse tense. And then I would stress about the last round and it would affect the next one. It was a vicious cycle.
This program showed me how to overcome my nerves before and during competition and to stay in the moment with my horse. I have started winning and enjoying showing again.

LJ - Equestrian

When I went from high school to college, the level of competition I experienced jumped way up and overwhelmed me. I was no longer the best on my team and while I worked really hard to get better (and I did) I was always stressed out by my performance.
This program showed me how to better deal with my stress both on and off the field. And my performance got better and better as a direct result. I went for subbing in to starting.

Alison - Soccer

The water is my peaceful place and once I was in it I was fine. Everything before getting in the water was not. I was anxious with my mind going 100mph with everything I needed to remember and do during the race. It made me sick.
Jessica's program took all that away. The techniques used to quiet the mind and see what I needed without being stressed or anxious about it is so useful. I highly recommend this program.

Jack - Swimmer


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from sport coaching?

Great question!  Sport coaching focuses on the skills and techniques of a particular sport, for example basketball players learning and developing the skill of dribbling. This program uses the skills of your particular sport to develop your mental resilience and as a result increase your performance. Additionally, you will feel less stressed.

Is this program for a specific sport?

Definitely not. All athletes benefit from developing the mental part of the game. This program shows you how to use your sport to develop your mental game.

What if I play a team sport? Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Here there are two options. One, your whole team joins the program and you all go through it together. You learn the same techniques and support each other. Option two, you join as an individual and you work with others, maybe even in other sports, to learn from and support each other. We'll also talk about how to communicate with your teammates with your new knowledge.

What's the best time to do this?

Couple of things on this question. 

One, best time to do this is when you are ready to dedicate the time and effort because you want get really good at your sport. For example, during exams or holidays or really busy times of the year might not be the best time. While this program is designed not to be all encompassing, daily work is necessary to build the three core mental muscles.

Two, feedback has shown that while you do not have to be playing competitively while in the program, the ability to practice the skills of your sport does greatly increases the effectiveness (and the fun).

Three, this program is design for a wide age range of athletes but the minimum age is 16. Additionally, all attempts will be made to place athletes within their peer group for weekly group sessions.