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Confident Equestrian Women

Performance Coaching for Equestrians

Helping equestrians gain confidence, stress less, find balance and perform better


Athlete EQ is dedicated to helping equestrians through mental performance coaching and sport psychology. It was founded by a certified mental performance coach and life-long equestrian who understands the importance of having the right mindset in order to succeed.

Our mission is to create a strong riding mindset allowing riders to grow and reach their full potential. Through meaningful conversations, we work together to build strategies and the necessary skills to achieve your riding goals. 

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Our services are tailored to the lives of busy equestrians, from trainers with long days and packed weekends to competitive amateurs with outside obligations. We even have programs designed for youth or junior equestrians and their parents. At Athlete EQ we create exactly what you, the rider needs to grow and perform at your best.

Jane, UK

“Working with Jessica allowed me to name, and then tame, those limiting voices in my head. I can now focus on me and my goals in my continuing effort to improve and reach the next level. I will always be grateful for this Work and how it changed me and how I approach my sport, my business and my life."

Meet the coach

Jessica Circe, CPCC, ACC

A professional equestrian turned engineer turned mental performance coach, I've spent my life in careers that were all about human mental performance. I combine my own experience and  human performance learnings and client-focused coaching technique with innovative sport and performance psychology methods to give equestrians an edge by gaining confidence, stressing less, finding balance and, ultimately, performing better.

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